The Company and its Subsidiaries consciously implement the Corporate Social and Environmental Social Responsibility (CSR) not only because of the regulations that require it but it has become the Company’s need to contribute significantly to the communities and the environment where the Company and its Subsidiaries undertake their business activities .
The challenge of CSR in 2017 is to create and implement CSR activities in line with the efficiency programs that the Company and its Subsidiaries continue to promote, which ultimately lead to the idea of ​​making CSR activities not only targeted by the Community and the Environment but also targeting Workplace Area. The total realized funds disbursed Rp. 2.164 million includes activities covering aspects of education, health, environment and social civic as described below.

Society and Environment

CSR activities with Community and Environment targets implemented during 2017 include:

  • Community Entrepreneurship Empowerment Program in Mandailing Natal
  • Provide opportunities to the surrounding community to develop the entrepreneurship in line with the growing needs of supply of goods and services for projects in the surrounding environment.
  • Education program for the local community in Mandailing Natal related to simple construction work and technical capability in order to support the community’s civil service activities.
  • Entrepreneurship education programs related to business process knowledge in the framework of cooperation with private parties.
  • Village cash donation for 5 villages in the sub-district of Puncak, Sorik Marapi each month to improve the welfare of religious teachers, the elderly and the development of youth activities and provide capital for the local livestock business
  • Improve public road infrastructure in Sibanggor Jae Village, Puncak Subdistrict, Sorik Marapi.

Workplace Area

CSR activities targeting the Workplace Areas are focused on the educational aspect through refracting the “Reduce-Reuse” behavior for employees believed to be the conscious awareness-raising agents to apply the “Green Living” lifestyle to the larger community of families, neighborhoods and the nearest community environment where the employee is active and interact. This activity runs internally between the Company and Subsidiaries for a period of one year continuously includesGo Paperless Program.

  1. Go Paperless Program
    1. M-Files is a compilation of corporate documents in digital form including regulations, work order, Standard Operations and Procedures (SOP), internal and external correspondence that is integrated and can be accessed online and paperless by employees wherever employees are.
    2. Behavior of document printing restrictions, if available online and / or easily accessible and use two-sided paper in document printing activities.
    3. Documentation activities in electronic filling form in all Departments and Divisions, both at Head Office and Branch Offices.
    4. Activities of distribution and sharing of data and information of companies in the form of electronic data between Departments and Divisions and / or between Branch Offices.
  2. Energy Saving Program
    1. Restrictions on the use of Air Conditioning after 4:30 pm in the working environment
    2. Implementation of the appeal turns off the lights on when leaving the workspace
  3. Reduce Waste Program
    1. The Company routinely conducts self-management activities on domestic wastewater generated in the office area and conducts technical tests in order to monitor the quality of domestic wastewater in an accredited testing laboratory to ensure compliance with the Domestic Wastewater Quality Standard set out in order to maintain water quality land in the neighborhood.
    2. Segregation of domestic waste by providing organic waste and inorganic waste in all areas of the office.

In addition, the Company also carries out programs related to health aspects in the workplace environment namely:

  1. Blood Donation Activities. Held after the Thanksgiving ceremony of Radiant Group’s Anniversary on March 3, 2017, in addition to being attended by all employees at the Head Office, this blood donation event is also open to the public and in cooperation with the Indonesian Red Cross.
  2. Health socialization “Women Care for Breast & Cervical Cancer” held on March 20, 2017 at the Head Office in order to provide accurate information by inviting physicians who are experts in the field to straighten the myths circulating in social media and raise awareness of the need preventive measures through the adoption of a healthy lifestyle from an early age.

While activities related to aspects of social activities include the implementation of activities as follows :

  1. Ramadhan Radiant is a routine activity held during Ramadhan month which includes daily takjil provision for public and stocking “Lebaran Gift” and Compensation for Orphans and Dhuafa both at Head Office and Branch Offices.
  2. Radiant “Tebar” Qurban is an activity of cutting and distribution of animals qurban held in Eid al-Adha 1438 H covers the area of ​​Jakarta and Balikpapan.

Implementation of these CSR activities is carried out independently with the active participation of employees at the Head Office, Branch Offices as well as employees of the Company and Subsidiaries placed in the project area and in collaboration with the community and local stakeholders whose implementation is successfully integrated with the operational activities at projects of the Company and Subsidiaries as mentioned above.


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