To comply with Safety, Health, and Environment (“HSE”) as mandatory required  in mineral and gas industry, Company has updated its HSE guidelines periodically by following the standards determined by Certificate at its current version namely OHSAS 18001:2007 the latest certificate to implement Occupational Health and Safety Management System by reinforcing zero accident in operations areas and environmental friendly  in compliance with prevailing regulation and standard requirement as recognized nationally and internationally under ISO 14001:2004, while for quality management system for process and procedure in the Company is using   standard under ISO 9001:2008 .

The Company is committed to carry out the following activities:

  • Ensuring HSE as priority in business objectives and operations
  • Complying with laws in country/jurisdiction where the Company is operating.
  • Informing Safety, Health, and Environmental Management System to employees and related parties to ensure all share the same insights and knowledge of HSE and assure the implementation and supervision of HSE’s system and management.
  • Maintaining the Company’s performance to continuously implement and improve its Occupational Health and Management Systems by conducting review on the system.
  • Minimizing accidents and illness to achieve zero accident and illness rate to people working and saving the environment.
  • All managers share the same responsibilities to ensure the implementation of HSE as one of their main responsibilities.
  • Management is committed continuously improve quality assurance, safety, health, and environment.

Safety Policy commitments:

  1. Conducting hazard identification, risk assessment and control at the physical area where the work activity takes place.
  2. Providing qualified work equipment, trainings, and personal protective equipment.
  3. Creating and maintaining a safe working environment to prevent workplace accidents.
  4. Encouraging employees to evaluate their duties based of safety policies and procedures
  5. Upgrading personal management skills on HSE through trainings.
  6. Commit to maintain emergency respond plan for the benefit of HSE.

Health Policy Commitments

  1. Commitment to conduct  hazard identification, risk assessment and control at the physical area where the work activity takes place.
  2. Commitment to ensure the health of employees during  their activities as continuously   updated in accordance with applicable standards.
  3. Commitment to protect at the highest standard  the confidentiality of employee medical records.
  4. Commitment to prevent the occurrence of occupational disease.

Commitment to Environmental Policy

  1. Commitment to identify, assess and control environmental aspects and impacts in every activity and at working area.
  2. Commitment to reduce waste generated by taking an active role in handling waste that has an impact on the environment
  3. Commitment to promote  environmental procedures to ensure the operation of the equipment so as not to impact on the environment, in compliance with applicable regulations

System policy and procedure of HSE has set forth  in RUIS Management System based on OHSAS 18001 standards on Health and Safety, and ISO 14001 on Environment.

In addition to the above, the Company conducts regular HSE trainings for all employees, site inspection and ensures any related reports related to HSE are treated with quick response and actions.

Company is also committed take active role  and maintain responsibility for implementing the occupational safety and healthy management system by creating work place with zero accident and maintaining environmentally friendly manner in compliance with laws and regulations in national and/or international standard level.


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