As a business line being continuously developed by the Company aimed to handle construction projects in the oil and gas sector as well as New Renewable Energy sector as the foundation of the establishment of SBU Construction which oversees the services and work as follows:

  1. Design, Engineering and Infrastructure Construction
  2. Design, Engineering and Preparation Construction of Geothermal Drilling Wells
  3. Design, Engineering and Construction of Building
  4. Design, Construction and Installation of Tower and Electricity Substation

The major projects that are handled by SBU Construction in 2017 are:

Project Project Owner 
EPC of Well Pad D for Power Plant Sorik Merapi Geothermal Power
Retaining Wall & Engine Foundation For Power Plant Sorik Merapi Geothermal Power
66KV Transmission Line for SMGP Project at Mandailing Natal Powerchina Huadong Engineering Ltd


01 January 1970


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