Support Services

Starting as a manpower supply service which eventually evolved into oil and gas supporting services as well as supporting services of production facilities, and in order to align its customer needs, the Company established SBU Technical Support Service which oversees the services and work as follows:

  1. Oil & Gas Production Facility Repair and Maintenance
  2. Warehouse & Camp Management and Maintenance
  3. Well Intervention Services
  4. Outsourcing  for Skilled Personnel
  5. Outsourcing for Specialist  National and Expatriate Personnel
  6. Providing and Management Transportation Facility
  7. Training Management

Some important projects that are handled by SBU Technical Support Service in 2017 are:

Project Project Owner
Operation Support of  Freight Forwarding Services  BP Berau Ltd


Provision of Integrated Manpower Services for Onshore & Offshore Facilities of Ujung Pangkah (MPS) SAKA INDONESIA PANGKAH LTD


Jasa Penyedia Tenaga Kerja Penunjang Untuk Rimau A (COPS) MEDCO E&P RIMAU


01 January 1970


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